You want tangible results.

You want tangible results. Action plans and to-do-lists drafted in workshops are no guarantee for change, because the crucial ingredient is not what materializes on paper, but what happens in the minds and hearts of the people involved. Emotions are the fuel for change, so let’s give them space. Clarity and speaking your mind releases energy – I provide a safe framework for this to happen. I capture what is in the air and I encourage you to address relevant issues. Encouragement and empowerment are as important as acknowledging accomplished achievements when seeking change. Mindfulness is both an attitude and a means. Joint perceptions of new possibilities generate innovative concerted action. Innovation emerges through experimenting and daring to pursue unfamiliar approaches.


What you can count on with me

I create an open and trustful atmosphere in which your team and you can work on your issues in an inspiring and creative manner. With a pinch of humour, I help you focus on tangible and realistic results and address issues and sensibilities that emerge during the process.




  • Stefanie S. Schaefer

    Consultant, Facilitator & Coach


    T +49 173 9666505

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