Stefanie S. Schaefer

Grown up in Western German Rhineland.  Of cheerful nature, seeking enlightenment. Apprenticeships in northern Germany, Sweden and Ghana. Agricultural Engineer (M.A. Rural Social Development, U.K.). 6 years as technical advisor in Africa. 3 years as internal consultant in an international large-scale organisation. 14 years as independent businesswoman in consultancy and training. Also French speaking.

Self-knowing, caring and silver-tongued.


Personal evolution


One year apprenticeship on a farm in Dithmarschen – milking cows, working the fields and missing out on getting married to a heir to a farm. But I now understand Low German!



Studies in International Agricultural Development – realising right away during my first internship in Ghana: technical expertise is not what is crucial or amiss here. I need to learn more on how people and organisations change!



Studies in Rural Social Development in England – I now understand the requirements for human and social development better… in theory…



Postgraduate studies (including overseas project) in Berlin – getting myself geared up for development cooperation. Learning how to give and receive feedback and working with a team in research in the RDC. My first experience in a fragile political environment, including evacuation to a neighbouring country.



Trainee in a regional development project in Rwanda – gathering experiences in intercultural cooperation. Observing participation at work and reflecting my role, starting to question myself and stopping to take anything for granted. Encountering abysses of humanity and mourning my colleagues and friends lost in the genocide.



Advisor in an international project for organisational development in Senegal – becoming more adept in project management and human resources development. Inducing change in others and letting them induce change in me.



Inhouse consultant – light bulb moments: so this is how decision making and change processes are working in big organisations! Making experiences in management and consulting -my desire to switch to the role of external consultant and to explore new ground is growing.


Since 2001

Self-employed as an independent consultant and Trainer for all sorts of organisations. Realizing: people and process skills are needed everywhere!

  • Stefanie S. Schaefer

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